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Thirteen Guardians
Fight against an evil king and his men in a tournament to the death. Use magic and stamina to perform daring attacks against your foes!
Army of Ages
Stand against the aliens. Gather resources, build defenses and offenses, and gain XP to level up and evolve. How far can you get as you war through the ages?
In this strategy game, you build offensive camps to fight against enemy camps in each level. Gain as much XP as possible and keep winning!
Build structures, collect resources, and create robots to explore Bobeedia and fight the inhabitants to start a new colony in this simple strategy game.
Cast Away Island Tower Defense
You've been summoned to protect the giant crystals from the invading monsters. Like other TD games, build towers to attack them!
Battle Mechs
This is a turn based strategy game where you choose to move or attack your enemy. You even get to choose which part of the Mechs to attack!
Cell Kingdom
Place the bacteria cells on the grid to solve each puzzle and reach the goal in the least amount of steps as possible to get great scores.
Knight Elite
Fend off the attacking orc army by building castles, unlocking lots of weapons, training your army, and upgrading your defenses. This game is EPIC!
Control Craft 2
Send your troops in to capture enemy bases. It starts off really easy, but as you progress, be sure to evolve your strategy!
Epic Battle Fantasy 1
Use your mouse to select attack commands and kill your enemies in this first of many great RPG's.
Epic Battle Fantasy 2
Bad things have happened since the last game, so after nursing their wounds, they are off to save the world again!
Epic Battle Fantasy 3
Control three adventurers on their quest to regain their magic and strength that's been drained by evil forces in this awesome free RPG.
Epic Battle Fantasy 4
After defeating the evil Akron in the previous game, the heroes started stealing stuff and made more enemies. Follow new heroes as they seek out what's been taken.
Epic Monster War
Use income from your base to send out troops and buy upgrades to defend against, attack, and defeat the weird enemies in this silly strategy game.
Flagstaff Chapter 1
Use four class based characters to fight off the skeletons and other badies by clicking on their squares and telling them what to do.
Flagstaff Chapter 2
After the first installment, the four characters and the king enter a portal and start a quest to find the "anti-goat".
Flagstaff Chapter 3
The heroes have escaped certain doom into an ice cave that's not really an ice cave at all. Let the silliness continue!
Flagstaff Chapter 4
When the heroes travel through the last set of tubes, they land in a forest realm and must escape in their quest for the "anti-goat".
Ghost Hacker 1
You find yourself in some sort of virtual world and are immediately recruited to fight bad guys. A pretty typical Tower Defense Game.
Ghost Hacker 2
In this Tron-like sequel, the gameplay is pretty much the same with a few changes in how upgrades work. Let's see if you can master it!
Awesome Ghosts vs Stupid Zombies
Deploy units, build formations, claim territory, and attack to destroy the bad guys' tombstones. This one is really fun!
The Great War of Prefectures
Select a region and build military bases and hire soldiers to take over other regions to reunite Japan in this complex strategy game.
Protect the castles and then attack the enemy base to gain ground in the war against the undead forces in this mystical strategy game.
The Utans: Defender of Mavas
Send out units of specialized villagers to defend their beloved Mava statues in this unique TD Strategy Game.
Ultimate Army 1
Click on your base to send out your soldiers to attack the enemy base and conquer it. Conquer all enemy bases to win!
Grey Wars
The Greys are attacking Earth. Upgrade turrets and set them to kill the alien scum and disrupt their cow snatching plans to win each level.
Heaven or Hell 1
Choose your team, and go up against the demons from hell. Choose to defend, attack, or teleport in strategic ways in order to win the battle.
Heaven or Hell 2
Choose from much cooler looking Angels to fight off the demons and win the battle. This sequel is very similar to the first game.
Heroes Empire
Hire soldiers for the battlefield from surrounding villages. Move them into position to attack the slavers and liberate the land.
Mars Colonies
Build everything your research colony needs to survive. Hire more colonists to get research points, and complete each mission.
Necropolis Defense
As the title says, Defend Necropolis from the Paladin armies by summoning the undead, obtaining better units, and leveling up.
Pirates Conflict
Maneuver your ship strategically to defeat your enemy on the high seas. Use your cannons or ram them headon!
Pocket Creature
Choose your monsters, feed them to level up, and send them to battle against other monster forces in the night.
Primal Sands
Use your rover to repair the crashed ship and fend off the monsters that live in the desert in this sci-fi strategy game.
Realms Gate
Build magical turrets to kill the evil hordes, earn points and choose between upgrades or new turrets when you level up.
Rise of the Colony
Place columns and turrets to defend the colonists from the raiding ships, then buy new weapons and upgrades at Headquarters.
Star Squadron
Command a squadron of starships in order to complete mission objectives by destroying enemy ships and taking over planets.
Ultimate Tank War
Send your tanks out to destroy the enemy tanks and take over their bases. Then you can upgrade or buy new awesome tanks!
This is a global war strategy game kind of like Risk the board game, but you only play against one CP and neutral countries. Epic Music!
Zombie Tower Defence
As in most TD games, choose your turrets to place and defend your base. Make sure to completely surround your camp to protect from the zombie invasions!
You are a god that needs worshippers to gain power. Spend the power you get to summon more worships or defenses to fight off nieghboring camps in this creative strategy game!
Jack Smith
You're a blacksmith, and you need to complete orders for weapons. Be sure to follow directions to make high quality items then watch the soldiers battle with your creations.
Kingdom Rush
A classic medieval based TD game with ranged, melee, magic, and ballistic towers. Place towers, earn upgrades, and use special powers to defeat the enemy!

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